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Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc

Purpose of Code of Ethics

Owners and admirers of Bullmastiffs are beneficiaries of a legacy handed on and created by the concern and care of past owners and breeders.  To preserve this legacy, it is necessary to state this Code of Ethics which should be embraced by all and to which we, as Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. members, subscribe.  There exists a constant danger that disreputable or uninformed breeders may, by improper practices, produce physically, mentally or temperamentally poor specimens to the detriment of the breed as a whole.

Code of Ethics

1.         TO breed discriminately and only upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resultant puppies, to breed unadvisedly may lead to “over population” and contribute materially to the deterioration of the Bullmastiff Breed.

2.         TO keep accurate records of matings and pedigrees and to register breeding stock and puppies with the New Zealand Kennel Club.

3.         TO BREED only those Bullmastiffs will be used for breeding which have no disqualifying serious faults and no radical departures from the official Bullmastiff Standard.

4.         AS an owner of a bitch, I will not breed bitches before they are approximately two and a half years of age and will cull deformed puppies and those which deviate substantially from the Bullmastiff Standard.  I will give bitches at least one season or more between litters.  I will not allow a bitch to have more than eight puppies in any one litter.  I will not have more than three litters in any one year no matter how many bitches I own.  I will ensure that the bitch is free from any disease before mating takes place.  No bitch that I own will have more than three litters in her life time.

5.         AS the owner of a stud dog, I will breed ideally not younger than eighteen months of age then wait approximately six months to view the quality of his progeny and I will refuse service to any bitch under two years of age, or which I consider in poor health or has serious faults.  I will allow it a repeat service within the following twelve months where a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my stud, if the stud is still available and in good health and at such time and place as mutually agreed to by the owner of the bitch and myself.  I will discourage the bitch’s owner from breeding unless they have the facilities, at least six confirmed puppy homes available, time and resources to adequately care for the litter.  I will ensure my stud is free of any disease before mating.

6.         TO maintain good standards of health and care and proper veterinary attention.  Proper mental health requires regular socialisation with people and exposure to the outside world.

7.         FOR THE PLACEMENT OF BULLMASTIFFS, I will refuse to sell or to recommend breeders who do not conform to this Code, dog wholesalers and retailers, or to donate a Bullmastiff for raffle purposes or the auctioning of Bullmastiffs, or to sell to pet shops or any home where there is reason to believe the Bullmastiff will not be properly cared for.  To pass onto the buyers for Bullmastiffs a three-generation pedigree.  Registration papers endorsed “NOT TO BE BRED” where the Bullmastiff may be suspected of carrying a serious fault being detrimental for breeding purposes or until proved otherwise.  Not to release the puppies before they are eight weeks old and only if healthy and inoculated.  To urge purchasers to provide obedience training at the proper age.  To recommend that purchasers render incapable of reproducing any Bullmastiff which is not suitable for breeding - e.g. all pet papers to be endorsed “PET ONLY - NO BREEDING OR SHOWING”.  Not to sell Bullmastiffs at prices substantially below current marked prices asked by reputable breeders for comparable quality.

8.         IN REHOMING, I will try and help in any way I can to re-home a Bullmastiff bred by me if called upon by the owner.

9.         IN SPORTSMANSHIP, to show sportsmanship whether winning or losing in or out of the show ring and in no way denigrate the stock of others.  To make the committee aware of maltreatment, misuse or need for relocation of any Bullmastiff of which I become aware.

10.        THAT ALL, litter notices are to be sent to the Club giving New Zealand Kennel Club Name, Number and status, e.g. show/breeding, pet.  Names of all puppy owners to be sent to the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc.

11.        TO PROVIDE to all persons acquiring dogs from them, whether by sale or gift of some other means, written details of all dietary and immunisation requirements and/or appropriate publication relating to such requirements and responsible dog ownership.

12.        TO NOT knowingly permit any purebred dogs, registered on the Breed Register to mate with a dog of a different breed, to a crossbred dog or to an unregistered dog of the same breed.  The Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. does not endorse cross breeding.

13.        TO ensure that when selling or transferring a dog that, when available, the necessary signed document(s) be provided to the purchaser or transferee, and that I will not sell the pedigree or transfer papers to the purchaser or transferee.

14.        IN ADVERTISING in the form of oral or written, shall be factual, not false or misleading and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers or to encourage the raising of purebred Bullmastiffs as an easy-money scheme.  Advertising with the Club will not be forthcoming unless the breeder guarantees the soundness of their puppies, and conforms to this Code.



1.         Every person who has made an application to the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. for membership shall be bound to the Code of By-Laws relating to the responsible dog ownership including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposing of dogs as detailed in Regulation (2) below.

2.         Every person designated in Regulation (1) above pledges in respect of any dog or dogs which at any time they may have under their control they will:

a)         ensure that at all times such dogs are properly housed, watered, exercised and will receive veterinary attention from a qualified person, as and when required.

b)            provide adequate shelter for any dog(s) kept on the property.

c)         ensure that the exercise area for such dogs be of sufficient size for the movement of such dogs and to have the exercise area(s) to their properly and that the exercise area is kept clean.

d)         ensure that correct control is exercised with regard to Municipal Meter Readers, Postman, etc.

            e)         ensure that such dog(s) does not cause a public nuisance to any neighbour.

f)          not allow such dogs to roam at large, keep their dogs on a lead, and under effective control, in all public spaces, except those designated where the dogs must be trained to return on command.

g)         clean up after such dogs according to Municipal Regulations in any public place or place where they are being exhibited.

h)         not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise or mislead any person regarding the performance and/or quality of health of any dog.

i)          ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from them clearly understand their responsibilities for the care and welfare of such dogs and they, the now owners, have the time and facilities to undertake their obligations as laid down in the Code of By-Laws.

            j)          ensure that the correct inoculations are administered at the proper time.

k)         ensure that prompt qualified medical attention is administered should the dog become sick or injured.

l)          bring to the attention of the appropriate authority and cases of alleged fraud, dishonesty or cruelty and not commit such offences themselves.

m)        abide by all the Rules of the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. Breeders Code of Ethics when breeding. 

            n)         comply with all the By-Laws of your local authorities.

3.         Any person or persons as designated in Regulation (1) of this Schedule of the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. who fails to observe any of the provisions of the Code of By-Laws as detailed above may be dealt with in terms of the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc. Constitution Rules. 15,B(2).

4.         The Code of By-Laws is binding to every member of the Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc.


2.         OBJECTS

Shall be to encourage and promote interest in the breeding of the Bullmastiff.

a)         By adopting and publishing a description of the standard, and urging the adoption of this standard by all breeders and judges.

            b)         By encouraging breeders and owners to maintain a high standard.

c)         By cultivation the interest of the breed for exhibition and competition in the show and obedience rings, conforming to New Zealand Kennel Club Rules.

            d)         By cultivating and promoting goodwill and sportsmanship in the breed.

e)         By assisting and advising all members in matters concerning the breeding, showing, training and general care of the breed.

            f)          By sponsoring the organisation of local branches of the Club.

g)         By establishing and maintaining liaison with like minded overseas associations via affiliation or otherwise.

h)         By increasing general awareness of the value of the trained Bullmastiff as an indispensable companion and guard dog.


3.         MEMBERSHIP

Membership to the Club shall consist of:

                        Honorary Life Members

                        Ordinary Adult Members 16 years and over

                        Junior Members

                        Overseas Members

                        Family Members

All the above if financial at the time of the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting with the exception of Junior Members.

A.         Honorary Life Members

On the recommendation of the Committee a person may be elected a Life Member of the Club by a two thirds majority at the Annual General Meeting as a mark of esteem, and in recognition of noteworthy service and devotion to the breed.  No subscription fees shall be paid by a Life Member, but a Life Member shall be eligible to any office of the Club, and enjoy full membership privileges.

B.         Ordinary Membership

            1.         That individuals must make application to the Club for membership.  The Executive of the Club must consider each new application and may approve or deny membership at their discretion.  Every member of the Club shall be bound by the Rules of the Club, and also by the Rules of the New Zealand Kennel Club.

            2.         The Executive shall have the right after giving due notice in writing, to expel any member who shall act in any manner which is in         the opinion of the Executive prejudicial to the interests of the Club or whose membership in the opinion of the opinion of the Executive proves undesirable.

            3.         Any member whose subscription has not been paid shall automatically and without further notice or notification cease to be a member, provided that such member by complying with the provisions of Rule 3.1. hereof may again become a member.

C.         Junior Member

Any person under the age of 16 who pays the set subscription shall become a member but will not be entitled to vote.

D.         Overseas Membership

Upon payment of the current subscription overseas people become Club members.  Magazines to be sent surface mail.

E.         Family Membership

Includes mother, father, and children under 16 years. 


The annual subscriptions shall be $20.00 single, $30.00 family $     for junior members (under 16 years).  Such a sum will be determined by the Committee preceding the first day of easy year.

All subscriptions being due and payable by 1st August each year.  The full year being 1 August to 31 July each year.


Officers of the Club shall consist of:


                        Vice President(s)

                        Hon. Secretary/ Treasurer

All who shall be officio members of the Committee.

The Committee shall consist of the Ex Officio Officers and a minimum of six members.

At all Committee meetings 5 shall form a quorum.

All the officers of the Club shall be honouree, and no member shall be allowed to make a means of private speculation or trade, or directly or indirectly derive a money benefit therefrom.


Only active members who have been financial for three consecutive years previous are eligible for election as Executive.  Only active members who have been financial for 12 months previous are eligible for election as Committee.  They shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and must be either nominated in writing prior to the Annual General Meeting or nominated from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.  Each candidate must be duly proposed and seconded by financial members of the Club and the candidate need not necessarily be present at the Annual General Meeting provided he or she has signified in writing his or her consent to nomination.

Where the number of duly proposed and seconded candidates exceeds the number to be elected, a secret ballot shall be held among those financial members present.


Honorary Officers shall consist of:



                        Legal Advisor

                        Veterinary Surgeon


The Officers and Committee as a whole are charged with full control and management of the affairs and business of the Club in as efficient manner.

A.         President

            Duties of the President are to act as Chairman at all General and Committee Meetings.

B.         Vice President

            Duties of the Vice President are to stand in for the President as required.

C.         Secretary

            Duties of the Secretary are:

            1.         To keep Minutes of all General and Committee Meetings

            2.         To keep a register of all members.

3.         To read and file all communications and present same at the next Committee Meeting.

            4.         To issue all notices of meetings

            5.         To conduct correspondence as directed by the Committee.

D.         Treasurer:

            Duties of the Treasurer are:

            1.         To receive all monies and issue receipts

            2.         To pay all money promptly into Club banks.

            3.         To pay all accounts passed by the Committee.

            4.         To keep full accounts of all monies received and paid out.

5.         To have Bank pass book, cheque book and all receipt books, all account books available at each Committee Meeting or at any time for the Honorary Auditor.

6.         To present to the Annual General Meeting a duly audited Statement of Income and Expenditure, and a Balance Sheet showing assets, liabilities and accumulated funds.

7.         All cheques to be signed by two Officers of the Club comprising the Hon. Secretary/ treasurer and the President or Executive Vice President.

            8.         Husband and wife signatures not accepted.

E.         Committee

            Duties of the Committee are to meet regularly to conduct the Club Affairs.

F.          Power of the Committee

The assets shall be vested in the Committee and held by the Secretary and the affairs of the Club shall be directed by them.  The Committee shall have the power of discipline, suspend or expel from the Club, any member proved to their satisfaction to have been guilty of misconduct as in the opinion of the Committee merits discipline, suspension or expulsion.  Acts which are detrimental to the Club in particular, or the breed in general, shall be deemed to constitute such misconduct.  Notice of such discipline, suspension or expulsion, shall immediately be sent to the member concerned, by registered letter.  The Committee shall have the power to elect a Sub-committee/s or Minutes Secretary, where it deems fit.

G.         Auditor

            1.         To examine accounts at any time.

            2.         To audit Accounts and Balance Sheets prior to presentation to Annual General Meeting.

H.         Honorary Veterinary & Legal Advisor

            To assist the Club as and when required.

9.         VACANCIES

The Committee shall meet as often as it shall deem necessary.  Five clear days notice of any Committee Meeting shall be given by the Secretary to all Committee members.  The President, Secretary or six ordinary committee members may all a meeting.  In the absence of the President and Vice President, the meeting shall elect a Chairperson from among their number.  A quorum shall consist of 5 members.  The chairperson shall have the deliberative vote and in the case of an equality of votes, he/she shall also have the casting vote.

The Agenda shall consist of:   

Apologies, Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising.  Correspondence, Accounts and General Business in which any member may introduce and matters pertaining to the management of the Club and its affairs.


The end of the financial year shall be 31 July.  The annual General Meeting shall be held each year at the National Dog Show, no later than two calendar months after the financial year provided that the Committee, if they think fit, may postpone the date for the said meeting for a period not exceeding one month.  Notices of motion duly proposed and seconded must meeting the Secretary as least 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting to enable circulation with the Annual General Meeting Notices.  The Annual General Meeting shall have the power to transact any business in relation to the meeting or Club as it thinks fit, and deal with any matter not provided for in the Rules.  Written notice calling the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to every member at least 14 days be fore the day appointed for such meeting.  Notices will be sent to Club members’ last known address.  An Annual Report of the Club’s progress which shall include a tabulated statement of the meeting of the Committee together with a duly audited Balance Sheet showing receipts and expenditure for the past year and the assets and liabilities of the Club, shall be presented to each member at the Annual General Meeting.  For members not present at the Annual General Meeting a full copy will be published in the next magazine.

Order of Business:

Apologies, adoption of previous Annual General Meeting Presentation of Annual Report and Balance Sheet, Election of Officers and Committee, Notices of Motion, General Business.


A special General Meeting of the members of the Club shall be convened by the Secretary on receipt of a requisition signed by 8 financial members of the Club or by resolution of the Committee.  Such meeting shall be held within 14 days after receipt of such requisition, and 7 days notice shall be given to all members, setting out the purpose for which the meeting is being called.  Written notice shall be sent to every member at their last known address.  No business other than that which due notice has been given shall be transacted at that meeting.

13.        QUORUM

A.         At any Committee Meeting of the Club 5 members shall form a quorum.

B.         At any General Meeting of the Club 10 financial members shall form a quorum.

C.         No Business shall be transaction at any meeting of the Club unless a quorum of members is present.

D.         If within half an hour of the appointed time for the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if a Special General Meeting convened          upon requisition of members shall be dissolved.  In any other case it shall be adjourned to the same day and time in the next week, all members shall be notified and any members present at the subsequent meeting may transact any business as set down for that meeting as if they constitute a full quorum.

14.        VOTING

At any Special General Meeting of the Club, each financial member over the age of 16 years, shall be entitled to one vote, exercised in person, provided however that members who have been suspended, or whose subscription and /or levies to the Club or part thereof, are in arrears, shall not be entitled to any such vote.  Only current financial members, whose membership has been paid on or before 1st August of each year is eligible to vote.  The mode of voting at any General Meeting shall be by secret ballot if requested otherwise by a show of hands.  If by secret ballot a returning officer and scrutineers shall be appointed by the meeting.  The chairman at any General Meeting or Committee Meeting shall have the casting vote, as well as a deliberative vote.  Save where otherwise provided for in these Rules, any motion submitted to a meeting shall be deemed to be carried if the majority of members present and entitled to vote in favour of the motion.


A.         Resignation:

            A member of the Club may retire at any time by giving notice in writing of such to the Committee.  Such resignation shall be accepted provided all overdue subscriptions are paid and all Club property returned.

B.         Expulsion:

            The Committee shall have the power to cancel and membership of any member who either:           

            1.         Is in arrears of subscription for longer than one year.  In each case 14 days notice in writing shall be given of the Committee’s intention to cancel membership to enable the said member to become financial; OR

            2.         Who has been found by the Committee to have acted in an unbecoming or dishonourable manner concerning matters affection the Club, or acting in a manner prejudicial to the interest of the Club.

C.         In any case considered under Rule 15.2 the member concerned shall be given 7 clear days written notice containing particulars of the alleged matter and requesting his/hers presence at such a meeting.  Such person shall be allowed an advocate to speak upon the matter affecting the proposed expulsion.  The Committee may, after hearing the member concerned, or his advocate, or should he/she fail to attend, after considering the matter, resolve to discipline or expel the member.

D.         A member under this Rule shall have the right to appeal at a Special General Meeting of members called for this purpose. Such member    shall have further right of appeal to the New Zealand Kennel Club who may confirm or rescind or vary the resolution of the Committee expelling or disciplining such member.   

E.         Any member expelled shall within 7 days return all club property.

16.        COMMON SEAL

Shall be under the control of the Committee, in the custody of the Secretary.  It shall be affixed by the secretary to such documents as the Committee shall from time to time direct.


It is the obligation of the members to notify the Club of any change of address.

18.        TROPHIES

Only financial members can receive Club trophies.  All Club members who win trophies must sign the Trophy Book on receipt of the trophy for that year.  They must have the trophy returned undamaged one month before the said show.  If the trophy is lost or damaged that person is charged the costs of replacing or repairing.  Once perpetual trophies that have been donated for competition are full, they are to be offered back to the person who donated them in the hope they may like to donate another set.  If they do not want the trophies returned to them they become the property of the Club.  All perpetual trophies put up for competition by the Club, belong to the Club.  In the event of the Club folding, all Club trophies belonging to the Club are to be donated to New Zealand Kennel Club for safe keeping until or if the Club ever restarts.


The Rules of the Club may be altered, added to or rescinded at any General Meeting of which 14 days notice has been given to all members.  The notice so given shall contain a copy of, or state briefly the nature of the resolution to be moved at the General Meeting.  Such alteration at be passed by two thirds majority.  It will then be submitted to New Zealand Kennel Club for approval before application is sent to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.  No addition or alteration or recession of the Club’s Rules shall be approved if it affects the personal benefit clause or the winding up clause, without the approval of the Inland Revenue Department.


At all meetings of the Club the ruling of the Chairman shall be accepted as final on any question of order, procedure or interpretation of the Rules.  At all meetings members will show courtesy to each other, respect for the chair, and follow the recognised Rules of Debate.


A person must reside within the approved Zone of influence of the Club to be eligible for the election to the Executive of the Club.


Shall be the whole of New Zealand

23.        DISPUTES

The New Zealand Kennel Club of New Zealand is acknowledged to be the final Court of Appeal in all matters.


Shall be the address of the Secretary in office.


Any matter not specifically provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee as it may deem advisable to be in the best interests of the Club, and any decision arrived at shall be binding upon all members of the Club.


A major raffle is to be run for Club funds each year.  Once costs have been taken out the funds left over are to be put into a special account by the Secretary/ Treasurer.  These funds are to be used for the payment of Club trophies, judges, expenses, etc., once our show status has been changed to Open and or Championship Shows.  these funds may also be used by the Club in an emergency or to purchase Club gear i.e. typewriter, photocopier, show ring gear, etc., upon the discretion of the Committee at a Special General Meeting.  Two Executive signatures must sign the withdrawal form before money can be withdrawn.  These funds are to be held in a special account attracting high interest but can be drawn at any time.


The Club shall have the power to borrow money for the general purposes of the Club, upon such terms and conditions and upon such security as may be authorised at any Special Meeting of the Club.

28.        WINDING UP

The Club may be wound up voluntarily if the members of any General Meeting pass a resolution requiring the Club to be so wound up, and this resolution is confirmed at a subsequent General Meeting called for this purpose, held not earlier than 30 days after the date which the resolution so to be confirmed was passed.  Upon the dissolution of the Club, any surplus assets after payment of all liabilities shall be paid to the New Zealand Kennel club to be held in trust for any future Club in New Zealand which may be formed to meet objects similar to those of this Club.


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