Bullmastiffs Available at Stud in New Zealand


An advertisement on this page is not an endorsement by the Dominion Bullmastiff Club. The Dominion Bullmastiff Club recommends that no bitches be mated before the age of 2 years; No bitch be mated more than three times in her life time;  Bitches should be given at least one season or more between litters; That no dog or bitch should be mated without first having the relevant health tests, including being hip and elbow scored; and that all matings should be done with the intention of improving the breed and that the breeder be willing to take responsibility for any dogs they have bred, at any time, should it become necessary. If you have a male Bullmastiff registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club, and are interested in a stud dog listing on this page, please contact us.


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